Aaron Winter

Aaron Winter

Hype Build + Design

Aaron is the director of Hype Build and Design which is a business that is enthusiastic about all things building and renovating.

Since winning the Channel 7 renovating show House Rules in 2017 Aaron and his wife Daniella have become passionate advocates of building and renovating at its best – inspiring other Aussies to take on the home renovations themselves.

Since House Rules Aaron’s day-to-day calendar is a little unusual, for a builder, filled with media appearances, Hosting Events, and getting queried about the tv world and how do I design my bathroom? lol. With Daniella as a host on Better Homes and Garden’s the duo loves working as a husband and wife team but the main focus is empowering people to tackle DIY projects around the house by educating them with skills, tools, time-saving techniques, best products and suppliers. Follow us and we will help you create your dream home one DIY at a time.

2019 I was diagnosed with an Advanced Auto-Immune disease (that has no cure yet) that’s attacking my nervous system causing severe pains throughout my body which has caused me to take a break from doing client renovations to focus on my own health issues. I have been doing experimental treatments since 2019 that include spinal injections/operations and I have been working so hard to get back to making a difference for myself, my family and my community. This WLS event has such a strong history of making a difference and I truly feel if I can do my part for WLS it will offer me a real feel-good moment that I have been missing in my life for so long. I am humbled to be a part of this extraordinary event.

On a side note, my wife was a professional dancer and is now a choreographer so the pressure is on!!