Adam Barton

Adam Barton

Drunken Monkey Group

If you wanted to really get the measure of a CEO like Adam Barton, all you have to do is walk into one of his venues.

Passionate, spirited and not afraid to get his hands a little dirty, Barton’s love for live music and hospitality, coupled with an intimidating professional background that has helped establish three wildly successful Brisbane institutions, including Brooklyn Standard and Chingon in Eagle Lane and the new River Quay Fish in South Bank.

Walk into either venue and you will be immediately struck by the refreshing lack of pretence. All venues are indicative of Barton’s relaxed nature as he sets out to create institutions that effortlessly match low key cool with impeccable service.

Whether it’s the breathtaking views at River Quay Fish or the gritty intimacy of Brooklyn Standard, a Barton venue is the kind of place that patrons can loosen their ties and get down to the business of pleasure, as they cheerfully delve into a curated list of local and imported tipples.

Spurred by his extensive industry experience which has included 8 years at Brown Forman, he’s a man more at home slinging cocktails in the trenches with his staff than sitting in a board room. It is perhaps this hands-on enthusiasm that lends his venues project a sense of authenticity that so often eludes some of Brisbane’s flashier hot spots.

Adam is also no stranger to the Dancing CEOs stage, and is the first CEO to return to take over the dance floor for a second time. The biggest question – how will he top the legendary performance of 2017? There’s only one way to find out…