Caralee Fontenele

Caralee Fontenele

Collective Family Law

A revolutionary divorce lawyer and Director of leading law practice Collective Family Law, Caralee Fontenele is a thought leader, author, wife, and mum, who has faced the challenges and adversity of going through the life-changing experience of divorce more than once.

Caralee is passionate about empowering people going through break-ups to take control of the process and move on in a healthy way proving that happiness is within their grasp. She has combined her legal skills as a family law lawyer, her own personal divorce experience and her passion for healthy living to create a unique online program called ‘Resolve’ to help anyone battling a break-up and divorce.

Caralee is not only a divorce lawyer but is also a passionate cook and foodie believing that nourishing your body is as important as nourishing your mind, especially during times of adversity. With her passion Caralee has authored two best-selling recipe books, Real Food Pledge and Real Food Every Day.

Having never danced in her life, Caralee is excited to tackle a new challenge with Dancing CEOs and to raise much needed funds for such a worthy cause that as a family lawyer she is very passionate about.