Che Pritchard

Che Pritchard

Artistic Director, Choreographer + Core Dancer

Professional years in the performance industry: 

20 exciting, fruitful and grateful years so far.. with plenty more to come i’m sure!

Primary dance style(s) and specialty skills: 

  • Street Dance styles (funk styles, mid school hip hop, house dance)
  • Commercial
  • Circus (hand-to-hand, tricking and acrobatics)

Dance Background & Training:

  • Street trained in the beginning, dancing at parties/jams/clubs
  • I have performed in, choreographed for, and directed a number of dance crews over the years.
  • Started proper class based training & teaching in 2007 in Canada, then in Los Angeles in 2008, then in numerous countries around the world before returning home to Aus in 2011.
  • Have since been directing, choreographing, dancing in and consulting on shows and projects here in Australia. Also competing, touring and teaching nationally and internationally for workshops and performances around the world.

Artistic Career Highlights:

  • Creative Consultant and Choreographer for Collision (2021) a Street Dance and Circus Theatre Show.
  • Choreographer for Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 (Beach Volleyball entertainment)
  • Creative Director / Choreographer / Dancer for Dancing CEOs since 2016.
  • Artistic Director / Head Choreographer for I AM (2016) Entertainment for Special-Olympics World Games.
  • Co-creative / Performer (Dance & Circus) for entertainment throughout the Winter Olympics Vancouver (2010)
  • I have also had many highlights creating and performing in a plethora of screen and stage-based projects that I feel blessed to have been involved with.

Career Goals/Mission:

To be of service to the arts and wider communities, and to humanity as a whole in a way that is light and enlightening. Bringing the remembering of the ancient magic of the embodied arts to the postmodern world.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

Jackfruit… Good when it’s young, even better when it’s old.. Different parts are good for different things.. All in all it’s a resilient but sweet, sticky, delicious fun choose-your-own-adventure fruit!