Clarissa Rayward

Clarissa Rayward

Brisbane Family Law Centre

Clarissa Rayward is known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’ as she specialises in helping couples reach resolution out of Court.

Clarissa is currently the Director of the multi-disciplinary practice Brisbane Family Law Centre and is an advocate for collaborative practice and mediation.

In 2016, Clarissa launched her new venture ‘Happy Lawyer, Happy Life’ in response to the growing number of lawyers and other professionals reaching out to her looking for ways of finding ‘happiness’ in their careers. Soon after, she authored her second book ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life’ as well as launching a podcast of the same name. These platforms, along with her many workshops, offer insight and resources for legal professionals seeking happiness both in law and in life. Clarissa was recently recognised for this innovative platform, receiving the 2017 Women Lawyer’s Association of Queensland’s Inaugural Trailblazer Award and the 2017 LexisNexis and Janders Dean Legal Innovation Index Award for “The Club”, an online community for entrepreneurial lawyers looking to make the best out of their career while making the best of their lives outside of the law.

Clarissa can’t wait to pirouette her way across the stage with her fellow CEOs!