Dana Paige Coles

Dana Paige Coles

Core Dancer

Professional Years in the performance industry:

I’ve been working for 7 years in the industry

Primary Dance Styles:

Jazz, ballet, Contemporary, and Commercial dance.

Dance background and training:

Prior to full time I used to dance for fun in my teachers garage. When I decided I wanted to take dance seriously I trained full time and gained my qualifications from a Certificate IV through to Advanced Diploma in Elite Performance.

Artistic Career Highlights:

Dancing and Choreographing for Ziggy Alberts Intentions 22 music Video as well as performing for live TV with Motange in Eurovision Australia Decides.

Career Goals/Mission:

My current career goals include overseas contracts, dancing for major artists on tour and being involved in live TV performances.

My mission is to always seek happiness. I’m so privileged I have a passion that provides employment, and whilst the journey throughout this career can often lead to self doubt, I hope to always find the confidence and reassurance to never stop pushing for what allows me to be the truest version of myself.

If I were a fruit, what would you be?

I feel as if my personality most represents a Lemon 🍋 They are rich in benefits providing so much goodness for you. They are used to freshen up places and added to almost everything for extra flavour, and even though they can be sour you’re never disappointed in having a lemon lying around.