Danny Juric

Danny Juric

Plus Architecture

Danny Juric is a Director of award-winning architecture firm Plus Architecture.

With studios across Australia and New Zealand, Plus Architecture has a team of 200 architects and interior designers, and specialises in multi-residential, master-planning, commercial, hospitality and seniors living projects.

Danny has over 20 years’ experience, cohesively teaming resources with creativity in the delivery of highly resolved solutions to development, corporate real estate and specialty building projects.

A driven architect, Danny works to create projects which improve the urban environments in which they sit. Having worked with a wide range of clients, Danny has excelled in applying critical thinking to projects for some of Australia’s largest companies. Danny’s confident leadership style has drawn together talented and committed teams in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. His mentorship, communication style and enthusiasm facilitate ownership of project success, maintains quality staff & secures client confidence.

A former triathlete and fitness fanatic, Danny’s day rarely ends without a session in the gym or a run on the beach.  Weekends are filled with SLC nippers, paddle boarding, skateboarding, bike riding and fun in the surf with his 2 children. A dance novice – Danny’s wife volunteered him for this event in the hope he might bring home some salsa moves …. instead of sweaty boxing gear.  He has risen to the challenge.

In his spare time, Danny has tackled a number of major renovations and flips, combining his eye for commercial value, design skills, understanding of the building process, with a tool belt to match.

Danny hopes his appreciation for the modernist aesthetic of South American architectural greats such as Marcio Kogan, can infiltrate his performance and leave you all with a positive, lasting impression…. albeit a smile.