Demi Jenkins

Demi Jenkins

Core Dancer

What food would describe your dance style as?

Skittles! Your never sad while eating skittles and they have all different flavours 😉


Favourite movie of all time?



Most embarrassing performance moment?

I side hustle as a Disney princess for parties, and recently played Cinderella for the first time, found out afterwards I had the wig on back to front the whole time and I hadn’t realized!


What animal would other people liken you to?

Hmmm maybe a jelly fish!


Biggest influence on your career?

The boss man Bob Fosse hands down


If you could hang out with any person (alive or dead) for 1 day, who would it be?

Drew Barrymore, so many people say my mannerisms are similar to hers, and she just seems so real and dorky- I love her!
Life mission statement?

The universe hides precious gems inside you and then stands back and waits for you to find them.


Useless talents?

I can flip my eyelids inside out hahahah it’s a bit gross