Dene Harris

Dene Harris

Dene Harris Experiences

Dene Harris is one of the most recognisable faces in South East Queensland and Internationally.

His charm and personality brings warmth and grace to the people he has the pleasure to work with – both as Master of Ceremony, Partner Program Specialist and a Fashionista.

He has hosted many amazing events including Ferrari Brisbane, Katarzyna Group (Cloudland), Lions Medical Research Foundation, Valley Chamber of Commerce, Executive Women Lunches, Melbourne Cup at The Loft, West End and numerous renowned private events, just to name a few. Dene’s ability to connect across all audiences can be attributed to his friendly, down-to-earth approach and professionalism drawn from many years’ experience in the travel, corporate events and extensive business network. Bringing with him positivity, enthusiasm and ability to draw a crowd, Dene quickly involves his guests into the event. Known for his outgoing personality, ability to engage an audience and exceptional hosting skills.

Dene’s dynamic nature identifies him to be one of Queensland’s most engaging Masters of Ceremonies. Dene brings together a winning combination of fun and professionalism, demonstrated by his punctuality, high level of preparation and exceptional personal appearance, he is the perfect choice to host any professional event.

He has been voted one of the 2014 Courier Mail Top 50 Most Stylish in Queensland. “Classic elegance with a modern twist. My grandfather is my ultimate fashion inspiration, meticulously dressed for every occasion.” If you are in the fashion arena, you will have the pleasure to meet Dene and let him make you smile. Dene’s advice is when it comes to fashion there are no rules or boundaries. It is all about self-confidence and a definitely sense of humour in your wardrobe department. Furthermore, Dene’s mantra is do not be afraid to express yourself through fashion and what works for you. It’s what makes you unique.

There is never a dull moment when Dene is around.