Dominic Thwaite

Dominic Thwaite

Core Dancer

Professional years in the performance industry:

I have been working in the industry for eight years now. starting in 2014.

Primary dance style(s) and specialty skills:

Through the years and working with a variety of Choreographers my style has really changed and warped over the years. These days I like to think my style sits somewhere between a commercial Jazz and latin.

Dance Background & Training:

I’m from a tiny little town so my dance background comes from very basic Jazz and Ballet where I then moved and trained full time for two years to sharpen my skills and prepare myself for the industry. This is where I was able to train styles such as Partnering, Hip Hop, Aerial and Contemporary.

Artistic Career Highlights:

As a dancer who has worked primarily on stage the opportunity to be a core part of a scene for the 2022 Elvis films has really topped my career so far. To be on set with the actors and be treated as their equal was a surreal experience.

Career Goals/Mission:

Over the time I’ve been in the industry this question has really changed many times. Currently and moving forward the biggest and most ambitious goal I have is to upskill myself to be able to work more frequently in the film industry. Since working on set a new world has been opened up to me, so many people working on a single project to bring to an audience with the sole purpose to make them feel something when leaving the cinema. The chance to tell a story is such a humbling experience!

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

I think I would be a Rockmelon, unexpecting at first but hopefully leave a good impression once I open up to people. 🙂