Dr Dinah Blunt

Dr Dinah Blunt

Anaesthetist - St Vincents Northside Hospital

Dinah is a specialist anaesthetist in private practice based at St Vincents Northside Hospital in Brisbane.

Her concern for the extremely anxious perioperative patient led her to train as a hypnotherapist, recently gaining her diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. Apart from managing anxiety, phobias, addictions, and chronic pain, she also uses hypnosis skills to treat PTSD, which can be a consequence of domestic violence. Support for Women’s Legal Service aligns perfectly with this part of her work.

Dinah is also a certified life coach with a special interest in coping with professional burnout and that elusive work-life balance. As a foundation member of the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, she is a champion of healthy living, and jumped at the chance to jig around on stage for a worthy cause. She reckons that being involved in Dancing CEO’s provides a fabulous antidote for burnout.

The last time Dinah was on stage here at City Hall was as a percussionist for the Queensland Medical Orchestra in 2016. Her association with this great building goes back even further as this was the venue for her wedding reception 20 years ago. Her wonderful husband, Cameron, will be cheering her performance with rest of the family (providing he isn’t too embarrassed by the whole thing!).