Jacqueline Quach

Jacqueline Quach

Core Dancer

What food would describe your dance style as?

A spicy little taco – made up of a bitta this and a bitta that haha! I guess like a taco, my style is made up of many different components packed inside a little shell, but overall delivers a handful of fun flavour!


Favourite movie of all time?

Finding Nemo.


Most embarrassing performance moment?

I absolutely hate singing, but I had to perform a singing solo to pass my Diploma… so I cried whilst singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in front of my whole class and teachers.


What animal would other people liken you to?

A meerkat or squirrel.


Biggest influence on your career?



If you could hang out with any person (alive or dead) for 1 day, who would it be?

My Dad.


Life mission statement?

Through perseverance, patience, positivity, perspective, understanding and kindness I strive to create a balanced lifestyle in all areas to allow myself to live the best, most happiest and fulfilled life I can!


Useless talents?

I dont think so 😐