Jellaine Dee

Jellaine Dee

Cherry Blooms

From weekend market stalls to taking on multinational beauty heavy weights, Jellaine Dee’s climb to the top has been both rapid and unconventional.

The 32-year old Gold Coast local began her career in the advertising industry, but fairly quickly discovered she had the “entrepreneurial bug”. Her first big product to bring to market was the Beauty Bag Organiser – the bag is a metaphor for the product developer behind it – organised, practical, adaptable and fashion-forward. But it was Jellaine’s second product Brush On Fiber Lashes that catapulted Cherry Blooms to global success. Within 12 months of launching Cherry Blooms Brush On Fiber Lashes, Jellaine had hit the $1 million mark in revenue. Today, as well as being a favourite among beauty therapists and makeup artists in Australia, Cherry Blooms is distributed across 50 states in the United States, Canada and several South American and European Union countries.

Why Jellaine joined Dancing CEOs

Jellaine Ross was never actually Jellaine’s real name. It was a Witness Protection name granted to her through Queensland Legal Aid 17 years ago, when she sought refuge from a life-threatening circumstance. During her tumultuous childhood, Jellaine stayed at multiple women’s refuges with her mother and siblings and had to relocate to seven different schools. Her history is the reason Jellaine was drawn to participate in Dancing CEOs. The fact she is still here (and doing so well) is testament to just how much she personally benefitted from serviced like Women’s Legal Service Queensland. So, it’s her pleasure to give back. Admittedly, she was pretty happy to lose at least part of that Witness Protection name last November when she wed her fiancé and became Jellaine Dee.