Jo Sainsbury

Jo Sainsbury

Kickass Women + Supported by Women's Network Australia

Named as one of 2020’s Top100 Women in Construction, Roar Business Award Bronze Winner and a Finalist in the 2020 Women in Industry Awards, Jo has been making waves as an enforcer in advocating for women working in industry.

Jo is first and foremost a coal train driver, a trusted advisor, speaker, published best-selling author of the book “High Heels to Hi Vis”, magazine contributor, host of the “Kickass Radio” show & podcast and founder of the Kickass Women network who support women who want to achieve their biggest career transition and visions.

Jo has over 30 years of combined service in Administration, HR, WH&S and Project Management in the private sector and industry, this knowledge has equipped her with all the necessary tools to focus on addressing issues of self-confidence and empowering women to have self-fulfilment, financial independence and reignite personal branding – their kickass attitude, that is. Her mission in life is to inspire and empower women to kick off their heels and tap into their steel caps and become the leaders and changemakers with impact they are born to be!

Jo has contributed to conferences and events all around the country and overseas in order to gain new inspiration on her advocacy, thought leadership and inspire others to dig deeper, motivating women to overthrow the status quo and think differently about their capabilities, their possibilities, opportunities, what it takes to drive change and what action is needed to find their kickass attitude and succeed in a career transition into varied male-dominated industries.

With the motto “Go On Get Your Glo On…become a Glo Getter”, Jo offers online career coaching and mentoring that helps women of all ages set a success mindset, build their kickass resume and toolkit and get their boots on site.

Jo is excited to be strapping on a new pair of shoes – dancing shoes and stepping out to help Women’s Legal Service continue to support women and children impacted by domestic violence.