Katelyn Aslett

Katelyn Aslett

Adagold Aviation


Katelyn has a long and creative business history, including 20 years at the helm of her own bespoke textile and fashion design company.

Katelyn’s love of travel and design and for innovative and disruptive business have merged in her corporate career at Adagold Aviation where innovative product development and strong relationships are critical. Katelyn’s inspirational travel blog @thejet-centricfoodie is a mix of luxurious settings, exotic locations and fabulous food shared with VIP clients and travellers looking for travel inspiration.

Katelyn is a passionate and focused force for anything that she sets her mind to. With a strong philanthropic focus, mixed with her flair for fun and creativity, Dancing CEOs is right up her alley. Being a team player Katelyn is looking forward to sharing the stage with her dancing team to make magic happen and to hit some lofty fundraising goals. She is also excited to channel her previous fashion career into dance costume design!

While she’s had plenty of experience in business, Katelyn had a lot to learn before participating in Dancing CEOs 2018. After taking away Community Awareness Champion last year, her passion and commitment to make a positive impact for vulnerable families motivated her to do it all again in 2019.