Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen

Brisbane Natural Health

Katherine Maslen is a naturopath, nutritionist and the founding director of Australia’s leading wellness centre, Brisbane Natural Health.

Katherine is a leader in the field of natural health care, the author of Get Well, Stay Well, a media commentator and a renegade for health. It is her mission to help people live a life that they love through amazing health.

Katherine began her career in 2007 and founded her first business, Brisbane Natural Health in 2011. Six years later Brisbane Natural Health is known as the most innovative health practice in Australia, setting it apart form the market with its membership based care. In 2016 Katherine launched Australia’s first natural health care memberships that were inclusive of both service and treatment. Katherine now heads a team of 12 including naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists and emotional wellness experts that work collaboratively and have helped over 5000 patients live a better life.

Katherine is no stranger to healing having overcome her own adversity and has a special interest in inspiring and empowering people to heal from their trauma. Katherine spent her childhood in the throes of domestic violence which lead her to drug use and leaving school at the age of 15. As a 15 year old she battled with heroin addiction and homelessness. Through this adversity and her personal healing journey Katherine developed the knowledge needed to help enhance the lives of others through the release of emotional trauma. Her first book Get Well, Stay Well which was released in 2015 has been received to wide acclaim and Katherine is currently working on her second book which will be based on her personal story and how people can take the lessons she has learnt to heal.

Katherine speaks nationally about her personal healing journey and all things health and wellness. She is a regular media commentator, having appeared on Channel 9, Channel 10, ABC radio, fairfax radio and also in Wellbeing, Good Health and Nature and Health Magazines. Katherine is an advocate for awareness of domestic violence and is excited to use Dancing CEOs as a platform to raise awareness and much needed funds for those in need of these vital services.