Kelli Martin

Kelli Martin

KLM Solicitors

Born in Manchester, England – Kelli moved to Australia in 1991. After being admitted as a legal practitioner to the Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia in 2008, Kelli moved to Essex, England and began working at a law firm in Essex.

In 2010, she was admitted and practised as a Solicitor in England and Wales, returning to Brisbane to practice in early 2011.

Kelli founded KLM Solicitors in March 2015 with just two staff in one office. In just over four years, Kelli has seen rapid growth in her firm to now employing 21 staff members across three offices in Nundah, Cleveland and Maroochydore, with future expansion always on the horizon. Kelli specialises in Family, Criminal, Domestic Violence matters, working across a range of Legal Aid and Private matters throughout Queensland.

As well as her work as director of KLM Solicitors, Kelli is a mother of two girls, aged 3 & 5 years of age. Kelli also has a passion for giving back, & has been a regular volunteer at the Women’s Legal Service drop in service for over six years. Kelli also assists in her charity work for other domestic violence prevention organisations. Kelli’s participation in other community events such as Running CEO’s, saw much needed funds raised for the Red Rose Foundation in 2018.