Meg Cooper

Meg Cooper

Meg founded Mad Dance House in 2003 on her sheer love for dance. Since then it has grown to become a staple for dance in Brisbane welcoming 800 people through the doors each week.

Meg is a fully trained dancer and has travelled all over the world following her passion for dance.

In 2019 Meg was a Telstra Women’s Business Awards finalist. Meg advocates for independent dance artists, that they been seen as professionals like any other trade. ‘Artists are hardworking, creative and need more praise in this culture I believe, they are essential to society if you ask me.’

Meg assures us that she has not had a hand in any of the pieces you will see at Dancing CEOs 2022. She will be seeing the pieces for the first time from the judges seat. Her team of choreographers and director Che have done a wonderful job.

Meg is proud of the partnership MDH and WLS have. This is the 8th year of being involved!