Michelle Delamont

Michelle Delamont

The Wesley Breast Clinic

Dr Michelle Delamont is an established medical professional with decades of experience in treating patients from all walks of life.

Previously a General Practitioner, for the last ten years Michelle has worked in The Wesley Breast Clinic team alongside a large expert team of doctors, radiologists and nurses. The Clinic offers the most comprehensive range of screening and diagnostic breast services in Queensland in the one location, providing a vital service to women and men.

In addition to being a new professional challenge, the role has made Michelle very much aware of the dramatic turns life can take – and the importance of services being available to assist when the community needs it most.

Michelle is the mum of four amazing children, and after learning about the important work of WLS for women and their kids, was determined to help. A recreational dancer in her spare time, Michelle figured what better way than through Dancing CEOs?

“One thousand people is a much bigger audience than I am used to! But if taking to the stage and fundraising can help to change the future for even one more mum and her kids, it’s worth it!”