Natasha Wichura

Natasha Wichura

Obsidian Hair

Natasha has owned Obsidian Hair located in the heart of New Farm for eight years.

Every day the Obsidian team aim to be exceptionally consistent and consistently exceptional.  The salon has an extremely loyal clientele, and aim for everyone to feel like they are part of a unique family – and walk out feeling fabulous.

Natasha has been hairdressing for 19 years and in this time has heard many heartbreaking stories from women. After learning about Women’s Legal Service and the importance of raising funds, it was easy to become a long term supporter. Participating in Dancing CEOs will make a direct and positive impact for women and their children who experience domestic violence.

Another reason Natasha is excited to be taking over the stage is the great networks involved, who all come together to support the vital cause.  Across the last three years sponsoring Dancing CEOs, Natasha has made some amazing friends and welcomed many new faces into the Obsidian family.

As well as donating their hairdressing skills backstage to prepare all of the dancers and CEOs for the spotlight, Natasha and the Obsidian team will be working hard at fundraising in 2018. By getting onto the stage she is definitely stepping out of her comfort zone – so please dig deep!