Nathan Kara

Nathan Kara

Core Dancer

Professional years in the performance industry: 

10 years

Primary dance style(s) and specialty skills: 

Hip-Hop, Tap dance, Breaking, Tricking, Stunt Performance

Dance Background & Training: 

Trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, & Hip-Hop from the age of 5 in a local studio in New Zealand. I competed in hip-hop crew competitions throughout high school and decided to make dance my career path at 16. Auditioned for local performance companies & began booking gigs around New Zealand, performing and choreographing for sports games, corporate events, and live shows. Competed and won two gold medals with my crew ‘The Bradas’ at the Hip-Hop International World Championships in 2015 & 2016, which led us on to booking gigs as a crew; working with musical artists & at corporate events, plus being invited to compete on NBC’s World Of Dance: Season 2 in LA. I also spent three years travelling back and forth from Asia, dancing with Taiwanese Popstar ‘Jolin Tsai’ in various Music Videos & Live Performances, while continuing to work as an actor, dancer, & stunt performer when back in New Zealand. Most recently I was cast in the Magic Mike Live Australia tour and spent 11 months performing across Sydney & Melbourne, which unfortunately got shut before we could hit Brisbane. Dance has taken me round the world – I have performed, taught, & judged dance in various cities throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and the United States, and I am excited to be part of the Dancing CEO’s event for 2022.

Artistic Career Highlights:

  • ‘Born To Dance’ Feature Film
  • The X Factor New Zealand
  • Jolin Tsai
  • Magic Mike Live Australia
  • 2x Gold Medals @ Hip-Hop International World Championships w/ The Bradas Dance Crew
  • NBC World Of Dance: Season 2 w/ The Bradas Dance Crew

Career Goals/Mission:

I had a dream that I would one day be able to step on stages around the world, seeing new places, meeting new faces, and inspiring others through the arts. Some of my most meaningful life experiences have been related to the impact on others lives through dance & in the pursuit of my dreams. I never want to settle for anything less than what I know I’m capable of, and I want to inspire the next generation of dreamers to have the courage to also pursue their ambitions.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

A Mango – Soft & sweet at first bite, but with a tough core