Penny Wolff

Penny Wolff

Wolff Coffee Roasters

Penny Wolff has crafted a niche in the realm of Specialty Coffee in Brisbane and beyond.

Having worked heavily in the arts, as a teacher and academic in a past life, Penny brings a creative and educative touch to mastering the craft of all things coffee, with sippers leaving Dandelion & Driftwood, Queen of Pops and Big Bad Wolff with a sparkle in their eye and a little more coffee knowledge under their hat. With an Australian Barista Champion award up her sleeve, Penny has been invited to judge numerous World Barista Championships and the World Latte Art Championships.

Focusing heavily on branding development and marketing strategy, Penny has created three very distinct brands in the retail tea and coffee sector. Within these three businesses she finds particular interest in decoding the palate of customers, discovering similarities and differences in sensory development. The creation of Wolff College of Coffee has been a great platform to create new courses that keep the flow of knowledge moving.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life for Penny now, every new opportunity that she embarks upon, her goal is to innovate or create a little bit of wow that can be appreciated by others. From her experience thus far, the key has been to always identify a little gap in the market, take the risk and go for it.

Penny’s mantra is to “Act with intention, integrity, persistence & you will make a mark on this world”.

She strives to continue to pursue new ventures through which to challenge herself, and seek opportunities to develop or share her skills and knowledge. She strives to be a female leader in her industry and as an entrepreneur, and believes it is necessary to continue to take on challenges personally and professionally.