Phillip & Arnika Di Bella

Phillip & Arnika Di Bella

The Coffee Commune

Phillip Di Bella is the Founder and Managing Director at the Coffee Commune.

Phillip Di Bella is a highly respected business entrepreneur with a unique ability to visualise and commercialise what many others never see.  Though initially known for the establishment of Di Bella Coffee, which became Australia’s largest speciality coffee company, Phillip’s entrepreneurial spirit has brought success to other businesses such as International Coffee Traders, Abbotsford Road Specialty Coffee in New York, and more recently The Coffee Commune.

Phillip has further extended his commitment to the coaching and mentoring of other businesses through the establishment of The Coffee Commune – a business dedicated to the long term development, sustainability and success of the broader coffee industry for all participants. Through The Coffee Commune Phillip enthusiastically shares his experience and knowledge of the coffee industry and continues his passion for encouraging improvement and inspiration in others.

Phillip has always been deeply committed to serving his hometown. His roles within the Brisbane community have included Director of Brisbane Marketing and Chair of the CBD Economic Development Board.  Phillip’s significant local involvement was recognised in 2009, and then again in 2014, when he received the Lord Mayor’s Corporate Citizenship Award.  Phillip is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Griffith University, and at age 35 received an Italian Knighthood in recognition of  his exceptional success in his field and his outstanding contribution to his profession and the Italian community.

Though an indomitable force in the business world, Phillip is equally committed to helping others. This year he has taken the philanthropy challenge to another level and promised to put on the dancing shoes and help raise money for an amazing cause, Women’s Legal Service.  Something he has wanted to do for years but just never felt brave enough.

He is excited, he is nervous but no doubt will do his best to put on a show worthy of raising lots of money needed for an excellent cause.

Phillip absolutely loves everything about this fundraising concept and event. He is also excited to be dancing with his 14 year old daughter as Team Father/Daughter Dynamo!!