Rachel Dowse

Rachel Dowse

Choreographer + Dancer

What food would describe your dance style as?  

Mexican!  Always fresh and lots of flavour!


Favourite movie of all time?  

Hot Rod


Most embarrassing performance moment?  

My first game as a Broncos Cheerleader I did a high kick and landed flat on my bum!


What animal would other people liken you to?  

A dolphin.


Biggest influence on your career? 

Local artist Jack Chambers and international choreographers Brian Friedman and Janelle Ginestra.


If you could hang out with any person (alive or dead) for 1 day, who would it be?  

Lady Gaga.


Life mission statement?  

Live your days with passion, positivity and perseverance.


Useless talents?  

I can bend my tongue into the letter “M”.