Rafe Berding

Rafe Berding

The Search People

Rafe Berding is the Chief Executive Officer of disruptive legal tech and information company The Search People.

The Search People proudly provides Australia’s most comprehensive and cost-effective range of property and business information for legal, conveyancing and financial professionals. With a lowest-price guarantee, The Search People refuses to compromise on quality when delivering better business outcomes for legal and conveyancing professionals. In his role, Rafe leads the TSP team to develop innovative solutions for clients and drive the productivity of the legal and conveyancing industries.

With his background in marketing, public relations and senior leadership, Rafe is no stranger to finding a creative solution to a tough problem and will be employing his creative flair to make his new role as a Dancing CEO a walk in the park.

Rafe will be putting his two best, left feet forward to raise important funds for the Women’s Legal Service and is ready to cause a ruckus on the dancefloor – all for a good cause, of course.