Sally Sylvester

Sally Sylvester

Flight Centre

Sally started working with Flight Centre Travel Group 18 years ago.

When finishing high-school she jumped straight on a plane to explore the world, sparking a passion for travel that would lead to an incredible career. Her mantra is – if you have to work, then this is the industry to work in.

From selling to customers, and leading teams she progressed to employing and developing people as an Area Leader. She believes that connecting with customers, showing you care and going that extra step for everyone really does make a difference. For the past 8 years this woman has been in charge of the Strategic plans, deployment & follow through of the Flight Centre Brand Retail operation in NSW/ACT.

Fun, Loyal and Resilient, she has always maintained these values throughout her career.

Most recently, Sally is the General Manager of Travel Associates, which is a niche brand within the Flight Centre Travel Group Umbrella.