Scott Matterson

Scott Matterson


Scott started as a pizza maker at Domino’s in 2000. From there, he moved up the ranks to work in the corporate business as a Store Manager and Regional Manager in locations such as Newcastle, Northern Rivers, and Brisbane.

He has also worked as a Franchise Trainer, which was to become the start of his latest adventure.

Scott now works as a Business Consultant in the franchise world for Domino’s. In this role, he works alongside franchisees to finesse strategy, planning and problem solving. He helps franchisees develop business skills and knowledge within the brand. These include designing a business model and/or marketing plan to determine which marketing techniques are best, and how to use them.

Scott will be representing Don Meij (CEO of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises), at this year’s event, an honor that defies underestimation.

The Women’s Legal Service is a charity that Scott holds in the highest regard, having witnessed the devastating impact domestic violence has on families and friends.